What is needed?

  • Budget allocation must be increased with clear instructions on how to spend the money so that every aspect provided for under the Act is covered. Most states do not have enough money to properly implement the Act; therefore central assistance is needed. Otherwise certain aspects of the Act get overlooked, for example shelter homes for which there is currently no separate budgetary allocation.
  • There is no uniformity or transparency in the appointment of Protection Officers. Some states had separate budgets; others mentioned POs in their State Plans.
  • States should appoint full time independent POs, and budget for them appropriately. They need proper training concerning their role, and proper infrastructure to carry it out.
  • Numbers of POs should also be considered; for example there should be more than one PO per district.
  • Government employees and police staff need gender sensitisation training and capacity building training.
  • The existing environment in which these laws are implemented must be changed to be more positive towards women, and a woman should be in charge of a monitoring system of the implementation agencies.
  • A campaign should be launched to enlighten women of their basic rights under the law.