Roles and Responsibilities

Task Responsibility/Preparation Time Who
Letter to NCW Has now been drafted    
MWCD: Meeting Rugmini Parmar and Prem Naraan CSR and WPC. Mail must be sent out, followed by a meeting 20th Dec (or ASAP) Delhi groups plus members of the drafting committee present in Delhi
Meeting with NCW   Meet next week – if not By first week of January  
NAC Letter Nandita Bhatla and team. Each member of NAC must be sent a letter. Meet Farah Naqvi and Aruna Roy before the 27th. To be taken: sharply worded letter about what we want    
Meeting with Minister of Finance NCW should lead this. Committee of 5 to ensure 100 people are there: coordinate numbers from each organisation present. Coordinate with Philarisa. Philarisa must circulate list of people who should be present, by tomorrow. January 22nd Monday 100 delegation of women – some can go in
Approach NMEW Additional Secretary needs to be met (Ratna)    

  1. All: Circulate lists of people in our network who are sympathetic – individual organisations must take it upon themselves to interact with ministers they know who are sympathetic. WPC should use network, but every group should take responsibility.
  2. Rashmi Anand: Documentation of cases of women who have had experiences with accessing PWDVA. Sharing 2 books on Violence against women published by Times of India.
  3. CSR and Networking organisations: 100 women delegation to the finance minister.
  4. Aman can use networks but are in Calcutta so cannot be responsible for things happening in Delhi
  5. WPC: Activate Gender Ginger group – parliamentarians. Offer lunch for 4-6 of them, brief them on concerns and draft them the questions to parliamentarians,
  6. Majlis – can bring their monitoring documents and information from Maharashtra
  7. AZAD Foundation and Mahila Jan Adikar Samiti: Documentation of cases and community mobilisation within Delhi including bar councils and law colleges in Rajasthan.
  8. Oxfam to check on the financial support for travel expenses and one day boarding of 30 delegates across the country to Delhi.
  9. Meeting Leela Gangadharan, retired Secretary