Legal Rights

Legal Rights of the victim of Domestic Violence under PWDVA

The PWDVA entitlesaggrieved women to the following facilities:

Protection: The magistrate can pass orders to bar the offenders from aiding or committing acts of violence inside or outside the house, establishing communication with the aggrieved, taking away her assets and intimidating her family and those assisting her

Residence: The woman cannot be removed from the shared household. Monetary Relief and Maintenance:The aggrieved woman is entitled to maintenance which includes loss of wages, medical expenses and damage to property.

Compensation: The womancan claim damages for mental and physical injuries.

Custody: The court can grant temporary custody of children to the woman and pass an interim order to prevent violence before the final order. In the absence of the other party to dispute, an Ex Parte order can also be passed.

Legal service: Women have the right to free legal services under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987.