Details of all previous and future events

Activity Status
Ministerial Meetings  
MWCD - Prem Narain (Secretary MWCD) and Rugmini Parmar (Economic Advisor, MWCD) 28th Dec 2012
WCD - Krishna Tirath (Minister WCD) 28th Dec 2012
NCW Members - Ms Charu Wali Khanna and Ms. Nirmala Samant 11th Jan 2013
NCW- Ms. Mamta Sharma, Chairperson 16th Jan 2013
Planning Commission- Ms. Syeda Hameed (Member of the Planning Comission), Ms. Vandana Jena (Senior Advisor, WCD in the Planning Comission), Mr. Lalit Kumar (Ministry of Home Affairs) 1st Feb 2013
Written Mass Appeal  
First Round Factsheets sent to all the members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, 28th Jan 2013
Second Round Factsheets sent to all the Parliament members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on 26th February 2013
High Impact Letter Status of the letter sent to Chief Ministers and Chief Secretaries of States and UTs (19 Feb 2013)
Petition to parliamentary petition committee Petition praying for 'increased allocation under PWDVA' successfully submitted to Rajya Sabha Petitions Committee on 25th March 2013
Public Action  
Press Conference Held at Women Press Corps on 22nd Jan 2013 (Main Speakers - Dr. Ranjana Kumari (Centre For Social Research), Ms. Poonam Kathuria (Swati), Ms. Nandita Shah (Akshara), Ms. Anuradha Kapoor (Swayam) and Ms. Nandita Bhatla (ICRW)
Petition 84 signed petitions sent to Finance Minister on PWDVA Budget allocation, 22nd Jan 2013
Post Card
  • Sent to the Partner Organizations, 13th March 2013
  • 1000 organisations/individuals sent the post cards to the Finance Minister on 24th, March 2013.
  • Postcards sent to the Members of WCD, NCW and NMEW
  • Postcards sent to the High Level Committee Members on status of Women, 26th March 2013.
Online petition