19th Dec 2012 - Minutes of meeting

Inaugural Address

  • Dr Kumari welcomed the delegates
  • Reasons why more budgetary allocation is needed were discussed
  • Discussed how the central scheme has been presented but we must ask for it to be pushed through

Presentation on the CSS

  • Hilary gave PPT presentation containing a brief overview of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme that has been proposed, and why change is needed.

Presentation on campaign strategies

  • Rajini and Amitabh gave a presentation on some of the campaigning strategies CSR has envisaged for this campaign, including web-based central hubs, community mobilisation, youth education, mass written appeal, ministerial meetings and using media.

Morning group discussion (key ideas)

  • We are to act as a pressure group to work cohesively and on a regular basis. The strategy must be focused and sustained. Our immediate focus must be the government ministry.
  • We should keep the One Billion Rising campaign in mind as we may be able to join with them for campaigning. For example they are doing a signature campaign that we could add on to.
  • There are people within the government who are supportive and positive about the scheme. We should especially look to NCW to support us in our advocacy efforts.
  • A signature campaign would generate interest
  • Using details of survivors and their stories would bring impetus and a ‘human face’ to the campaign- A four page sheet of 1000 survivors, or more detailed stories of fewer survivors.
  • Meetings must be set up with various actors. Different members of the delegation can go to these meetings, and they must be organised continuously for sustained pressure. These meetings must be focused on the Ministries; approaching the Planning Commission is not helpful.
  • We need to ask the MWCD if they will push through the PWDV scheme and give it as high a priority as they have given PC-PNDT.
  • Currently the Scheme has been submitted to the Ministry but nothing has been done about it, and the CSS specifically is not mentioned in the new 12th Plan Report.
  • The Gender Ginger Group can be used as a bridge to Parliament
  • There should be a 100 woman delegation to the Finance Ministry, with 4-5 delegates actually going in to talk.

After lunch discussion (key ideas)

  • The name of this advocacy group will be PWDV Advocacy and Action Group
  • Meetings must be fixed with the following:
    • - Prem Naraian
    • - Rugmini Parmar
    • - Minister of WCD
    • - Minister of Finance
    • - Secretary of Finance
    • - NCW
    • - Farah Naqvi and Aruna Roy (NAC)
  • During these meetings, the purpose is to push for increased budgetary allocation.
  • When meeting with MWCD need to ask:
    1. Whether they have put in the proposal to the finance ministry
    2. What is the current status of the PWDVA Scheme
    3. Why has the PC-PNDT act been pushed but the PWDVA Scheme has not
    4. What fund allocation can actually be given?
    5. What specifics of the Scheme can be committed to in the coming year?
  • When meeting we need to take:
    1. A formal letter with signatures attached